Ademaine Consulting & Training Services (ACTS)

ACTS provides specialized training in conflict management and resolution.  The basic skills cover conflict analysis, communication skills (active listening and assertiveness), Emotional Action Planning ©, negotiation and mediation skills.  Emotional Action Planning © is a simple, but powerful tool to harness emotion to get the results you want and a critical tool to achieve the highest level of emotional intelligence.  ACTS is the only body licensed to teach Emotional Action Planning © and is available to train internationally. The skills taught on this course are applicable to any conflict scenario from domestic disputes and labour disputes to community conflict, civil unrest and war. The skills are essential to community and labour leaders, all levels of business management and government officials, especially diplomats, Police and Military personnel. ACTS is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Training is provided by Adelle Potgieter, an expert in Emotional Action Planning, conflict resolution and mediation.  Miss Potgieter is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for her work in peacebuilding/mediation in community conflict/civil unrest in South Africa.

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Pls contact Adelle Potgieter on +27419555798 or +27812702995. Postal address:  P.O. Box 6298, Moselville, 6232, South Africa.