Combo: Windows Vista (proficient and expert)

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Every new Windows version includes features and enhancements to overcome the limitations and drawbacks of its predecessors. Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ is the latest release in the Microsoft Windows operating system family. In this course, you will use the new features in Windows Vista to improve your workflow efficiency and business productivity. This course is for you if you want to gain basic as well as advanced knowledge of how to work with MS Word 2007. If you want to pursue your Microsoft Office Specialist certification (MOS) in Microsoft Office Vista for the Business Worker (exam 77-600), this is also the right course for you.

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Distance Learning;

Course Duration

This course should take you approximately 6 - 12 months to complete

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Extra Notes

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) credential is a globally recognised standard that validates skills in the use of Microsoft Office 2007 as well as with the Windows Vista operating system. MOS meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills using the latest technologies from Microsoft. By earning your MOS credential, you will prove your expertise using the latest Microsoft Office programs. This certification can help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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